Ad Laborem Executive Search

Ad Laborem Executive Search
is a Certified Member of Federgon (


After a thorough briefing with our client about their needs we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its culture and business goals, as well as the specific requirements for the vacancy.

Preliminary background research is conducted to ascertain that the assignment is a viable project.
We define our search strategy, including target sectors and companies, which results in finding the best person for the job.

We conduct preliminary research for developing an initial candidate long list. We contact, meet and assess a list of potential candidates through telephone and personal interviews. We present candidates with the required experience  and expertise combined with the correct cultural fit with the organisation.

We also provide constant feedback on the market evolution and situation.
When the client is ready to proceed Ad Laborem assists in organizing the interviews. After each session, feedback is obtained from all parties and interest levels on both sides are carefully monitored.

After a successful candidate has started the assignment we maintain an ongoing communication with both candidate and client to ensure a smooth integration into the organisation and, at the same time, assure the achievement of performance goals.